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A true collaborative partnership between author and publisher.

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid Publishing is a type of publishing which occupies the middle ground between traditional and self-publishing.  A manuscript has to undergo editorial evaluation to conform with industry standards and ensure quality before publication.

Get endorsed to Mainstream Media

Success in the book business is not about getting your manuscript in print. It's just the beginning. The real accomplishment is when your book stands out, gets attention and discovered by mainstream companies.​

Through the expertise of our literary representatives, we will bring your book closer to the real battle by pitching your book to different book investors globally. Your book deserves to be recognized and attain maximum readership.​

Success is not accident. It is attained through hard-work, determination, sacrifice and most of all passion in everything that you do.


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“Soothing Foodie” is an Illustrated creative nourishment themed book of victuals and enrichment with invigorating God inspired rhymes that revitalize and restore proper healthiness. The main character of this book is called Panacea and his name means a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

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In this book, you may call them speeches, you may call them poems, you may call them stories, but I call them Letters I Wrote. Thanks for reading my book Letters I Wrote. -Lakisha Marie Mackie

Who We Are

Meraki Media focuses on achieving our clients' ultimate goal of becoming a best-selling author. We are committed to excellence in the written art and expect to work with only the best talents in the industry. We are always on the lookout for promising work.​

Our goal is to scout for books that have great potential to be the next best sellers. Once you’re earmarked, we open the possibility for you to work with us so we can help you market your book and live it up to its full potential.

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Meraki Media


Spotlight on Bella Karoli

Emmy Award Winner Logan Crawford (Blood Bloods, The Blacklist, Manifest, Bull, The Irishman, Marry Me, Three Women) speaks with a special guest, from the American Library Association Conference in Washington DC, Bella Karoli - author of "Cute and Smart," "Trio" and "Medley."

Host/Producer of This Week in America, Ric Bratton gets the chance to interview our very own Lakisha Marie Mackie, author of "The truth you didn't know" "The Other Truth You Didn't Know" and "On the Road to Saying Bye to Autism"

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