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Success in the book business is not about getting your manuscript in print. It's just the beginning. The real accomplishment is when your book stands out, gets attention and discovered by mainstream companies.

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As the world transforms to digital era, it is essential to adopt to the changes. People rely on the internet in almost all daily activities, thus creating an online presence puts you on a greater advantage.


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This new version of, "A Family in Shambles!" has been carefully adapted to replace the previous book entitled "Who Will Survive?" which you should have been acquainted with. The well-known phrases and metaphors are kept in addition to new characters, scenes, and imageries to direct you to the heart of the story.


Brace yourself for the following:culture,drama,history and tragedy.


Paperback: $4.31
Hardcover: $26.99
Kindle:    $ 1.99

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