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As the world transforms to digital era, it is essential to adopt to the changes. People rely on the internet in almost all daily activities, thus creating an online presence puts you on a greater advantage.


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Lakisha Marie Mackie, author of The Truth You Didn't Know

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The book enhances the reader's knowledge of spirituality, life, and the world. It details steps necessary to advance the reader's spiritual understanding leading up to enlightenment. It guides the reader through the growth process, providing key insights along the way. Inside find a down-to-earth approach for understanding the human spirit, the soul, and spiritual consciousness. Explore what are the five principles of spiritual enlightenment. Discover the three spiritual lessons that Earth needs to learn in the 21st century. Learn about default spiritual paths and what they mean to you. This book offers a vision of faith, hope, compassion, understanding and clarity. It is a transformative work that enhances the reader's ability to shape his/her own destiny. It is packed with insight and inspiration. After reading this book, readers should have a sound understanding of spirituality in the 21st century.


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