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Cancellation and Refund

Author or the publisher may terminate this Agreement by giving the other party a 30-day written notice transmitted via U.S. mail to the respective addresses provided by either publisher or author. If the Agreement is terminated by Meraki Media, any publishing or marketing fees will be refunded in full (or applied against any outstanding amounts in the author’s account) minus 10% shipping and processing fees.

If the Agreement is terminated by Meraki Media  due to a breach by Author of this Agreement, no fees shall be refunded. Meraki Media reserves the right to seek compensation for work performed in the event of breach. The author retains the copyright for this work, and no part of this Agreement diminishes the author’s rights to this work.

***Any and all requests for refunds or cancellation of service(s) shall be entertained as follows:
1-7 days from payment of service (initial production stage), 100% refund shall be given to the author
8-14 days from payment of service (50% of production/marketing stage), 50% refund shall be given to author

   15 days and beyond after payment of service or product, refunds are no longer allowed since endorsement to production/marketing personnel and staff are made already.


*Book Review Packages (Kirkus, Blue Ink, Your First Review, etc.)
*Book Fair Services
*Radio/Podcast Interviews
*Book Trailers


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