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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policies for this website ( The following protection strategies applies only to data gathered on this website.
This will inform all the users of the following:
1) Data Collection, Sharing, and Usage.
2) Data Security
3) User’s Information Access
4) Sign-Up and other forms
5) Cookies
6) Request of Data
7) Updates on Privacy Policy

Data Collection, Sharing, and Usage

The Data gathered on this website is owned by Meraki Media LLC. We gather data thru email, forms and registration given by the users. Our company doesn’t lease or offer the data that we gather to anyone.
We don’t give any data given by the users to any entity outside of our company unless it’s otherwise needed as a necessity to fulfill user’s services, e.g the shipment of the user’s book orders. We inform our users if their data is needed to fulfill and needed necessities associated by them.
By the request of the user, our company may get in touch again in the future by means of email, mail or other means of communication to educate concerns, updates, promotions or changes to the security policy as required by the law.

Data Security

The data of each of our users are insured with security. Our company takes extra precautionary measures to ensure that the sensitive data that is submitted to this website will be protected both online and offline.
When we gather personal and sensitive information such as (debit/credit card information, contact information, billing information and etc.), those data is transmitted to our company securely. The “https” extension in our web address is the security symbol that the user’s data is handled carefully with utmost safety.

Only specific agent’s in our company handles the sensitive data provided by us by the users. For billing purposes, only the authorized agents from finance and billing are allowed to access to actual data. Our computer serves are kept in a secured area to ensure the safety and security of such sensitive data.
Our website utilizes “Cookies”. Cookies are small pieces of text sent by any web browser by a website a user visits. A cookie file stored in a user’s web browser and allows the services of a third party site like our website to recognize a user and makes the user next visit easier and provides the services more useful to users.

By visiting our website you allowed us to use cookies to give you useful services.

Request of Data

From time to time we may ask data from our client at our requested time. To purchase from our company, users should give contact data (e.g. name, billing information, etc.) and monetary related data (e.g. credit and debit card number, etc.).
The data is needed for billing and shipment purposes. We will utilize this data to get in touch with our client.
Updates on Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy may change or update once in a while to ensure that we abide by the rules and regulations on the data security. All updates will be posted on this particular page. Any user can also approach or get in touch with us via Phone (321)-754-9075 , through email ( or at contact us form for more information.

This site is owned and operated by "Michael John Vano".

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