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Meraki Media as a Traditional E-Publisher

Meraki Media evaluates unpublished manuscripts for international publication and distribution.

We evaluate poetry, fiction, non-fiction, children’s fiction, biographies, degree theses. There are no thematic limits.

The minimum length of submitted works must be 35 pages; a minimum of 25 poems should be sent for poetry. There is no limit for the maximum length.

Book synopsis and short author bio are welcome, although not indispensable.

The authors of the manuscripts that will be considered suitable for any publication will receive our proposal, which may or may not involve a co-production.

A work is to be considered unselected where no communication is received in 90 days after submission.

Our books are available in printed and e-book format. They are presented in TV shows and in the world’s leading book fairs (London Book Fair, Frankfurt, L.A Times Festival, ALA Conference).


Manuscript Submission for 2024 is officially CLOSED.

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